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desert honey

About Our Fine Gourmet Coffees

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Gourmet coffee
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The Taj Ma hall in India is a mysterious and ancient site, like the Aztecs of Mexico and the ancient Hawaiian peoples. The coffees from these areas are just as mysterious and distinctive. Full of flavor and character.
Too much caffeine lately, maybe a little jittery, or worse yet your doctor has told you no more caffeine at all! Do not fear we can help. You are not limited to store bought, mass produced decafe coffees.We have a nice selection of gourmet decafe coffees to choose from. They are fresh roasted and shipped direct to you.
Not quite dinner, yet you need a little something. Oh yeah something with flavor. Something different. Try one of our flavored coffees. We offer a very large selection , and if you do not see what you want send us an E-Mail and we will do our best to get it .
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