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desert honey

Welcome to Doc Barlowes Desert Honey

desert honey bee
These Flowers give our Honey a Part of there flavor causing a Honey unlike any other. the Wild Mountain Pecan is extremly dark and flavorful.The Mesquite will cause your taste buds to dance a jig. Even our Blue Clover is unlike any clover on the market, and the Cat Claw is like Honey Heaven. So let the youngster in ya come out and dip right in. Doc Barlowes Desert Honey is Raw, Unfiltered, With no Water added. It is packed by the Honeyman , Victor Kaur. In Black Canyon City Arizona.
Hi there, i am a Honey Bee . Not just any kind of bee, i'm a Desert Honey Bee from Arizona ( that is why i am dressed like this)and most folks just call me Doc Barlowe. The reason they call me doc is due to all the good and healthful things found in my honey. Ya see Desert Honey is special, this is because of the unique flowers we use. Flowers from Mesquite ,Tamarix, Red thistle and Wild flowers found only in AZ.
boy eating desert honey
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